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FSBO tips and techniques

By using the following tips, you can sell your home with ease. These tips can increase your chance for success when selling your house on your own.

Let’s have a look at a few FSBO techniques:

Research well to understand the current real estate market

Getting an idea of the current market condition makes sense. Consider your neighborhood and the features that distinguish it from others. You can also talk to a real estate agent to discuss the current market.

Research the market well. The more quickly you need to sell the home, the less flexibility you will have. If you are not in a hurry, you can sit back and wait for the perfect deal.

Take the help from professionals

Selling a home need assistance of professionals. You will either need a real estate attorney or escrow company to help you with all legal aspects. You may also need the help of a mortgage specialist. They will help pre-qualify buyer prospects.

Determine the fair market price of the property

Contact a real estate agent to provide you with a CMA or hire a real estate appraiser for determining the accurate price of the property.

Getting your home ready for sale

Stage your home for the buyers. Keep it clean and tidy. Rent out a small space for a while to keep your furniture and other extra things there. Ensure your house do not look messed up. Have a garage sale and get rid of the items you no longer need.

Start spreading the news

Put a ‘for sale’ sign in your yard. You will definitely get inquires. You can also post advertisements in a newspaper.

Negotiating skills

You do not have to be cunning to sell a house. Ensure your calculations and numbers are correct when discussing the selling price of the house.

Entertain only qualified buyers

Do not just let anyone come and have a look around your property. Get references from mortgage brokers. Be direct. If you are arranging a showing over the phone, ask them if they are pre-qualified.

These tips can help you sell your house successfully. So prior starting up with the process, research well and prepare yourself. Preparation makes things easy. It also saves your time.

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Steps to ensure your loan application does not get rejected

People avail bank loans for a number of reasons. It may be because of some urgent home repair, to waive off the student debt, for buying a new car, to pay child’s school fee or due to some medical emergency. No matter what is your reason to avail a credit from a bank, you have to make sure you fulfill all the eligibility criteria. Let’s have a look at a few tips to make sure your application does not get rejected.

Disclose your true financial information

Do not hide any financial information from your bank. However, they have the access to your fiscal status anyway. They verify all the details you mentioned on the application form. They will also call you to verify all your personal data. The more personal and financial details you provide, it is easier for them to approve your loan. Remember always mention correct details.

Maintain a savings account

No matter you need money for some personal reason or for a medical emergency, having a saving account is always beneficial. The account must be in use. So, therefore, make regular transactions to it. It assures the banks of your capability to pay off the loans.

Set realistic goals

Apply for a realistic loan amount. Do not apply for the credit you may find difficult to repay. Your bank will check your current standing from the documents to assess your economic status. If you are aiming for a bigger amount than what you can pay, the bank will reject your application or will improve the amount they feel you can repay.

A good credit history a must

Your credit history reflects your potential to repay. A bad credit history puts a question on your repayment abilities. Unpaid debts, bounced checks, delay in paying bills is the red flags. These could ruin your application process.

These are tips that can help you approve credit from a bank easily. For assistance, you can always rely on bank loans specialist.

Select the one on the basis of their experience, reputation and work history. Choose three to four professionals and call them one by one. Select the one you feel comfortable talking to. Talk to them in detail about your requirements.

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Escrow-definition, role of an escrow agent and relevance

Escrow is a legal arrangement used to transfer the title to real property. It reduces the risk of fraud by creating a third party that holds the liability of collecting and distributing the funds as per the instructions of the buyers and sellers. The procedure includes delivering of the asset to a third party (usually an escrow agent) to be held in trust for a pending payment. After all the payments are made, the agent delivers the asset to the receipt otherwise maintain the escrow account.

It is opened when both the parties (i.e. seller and buyer) reaches an agreement on price and other terms. The account can stay open for long periods depending on the complexity of the deal.

Role of an escrow agent

  • He/she generally acts in the favor of both the parties to ensure that the transaction takes place with few problems and in full satisfaction.
  • Ensures all the paperwork is in order.
  • Orders a title report from a title company.
  • Makes sure all existing loans are paid off and closely examines the deal.
  • Prepares proper papers to get the deal closed.

Importance of escrow services

It is basically clearing home for funds and dues to make sure that all the conditions are met prior handling the property to other hands. All the parties in the procedure are legally protected against fraud. It also guarantees that your money is taken well care of.


The fee of the escrow agent is based on the size of the deal. The procedure includes lots of paperwork so it is in your best interest to hire the services of a professional.

Look for the service providers online or in local directories. Make a list of the top five firms and call them one by one. Inquire about their experience, hours of operation, methods of communication they use for clients and the way they will handle the escrow collection account. Also inquire the fees and funding options.

Choose the one with whom you are comfortable working with. Your choice of an escrow officer is an important decision so take it wisely.

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