Why Title Insurance is Important

Home is the biggest investment of your life. Since buying requires lot of efforts and finance, so it is our duty to protect it from any type of risk and losses. You should purchase different types of insurance coverage to protect your home and personal property. Insurance provides protection against loss from fire, theft, damage etc. There is one such insurance which protects against the title hazards that may threaten your financial investment in your home. Such insurance is known as Title Insurance.

Protects your largest investment

When you are purchasing the home, you are not just buying a land rather you are purchasing the title to the property. You are purchasing the right to occupy as well as use the space according to your requirement. Thus title may be limited by the rights and claims asserted by others. This right may limit your use and enjoyment of your won property. Thus, title insurance protects you people from such hazards.

Tile insurance protects an individual from various kinds of losses such as

  • Title insurance determines that your rights and interests to the property are clear.
  • It defends the title at no expense if someone contests your title in legal action
  • It protects you from financial loss up to the amount of the policy if there is a title defect that cant be eliminated.
  • It speeds up the process of the negotiation when you are ready to sell or obtain a loan.
  • By insuring a title, you can eliminate delays and technicalities when passing your title to someone else.
  • It reimburses you for the amount of your covered loss.
  • Title insurance serves as a kind of a lender or a mortgagee protection. Lenders require title insurance as a security for the investment they provide in the real estate. When title insurance is provided, they make the mortgage money available easily even to those locales, where they know less about the market.
  • It also serves as a kind of owner’s coverage. The policyholder’s title insurance lasts as long as the person ahs an interest in the insured property. Thus may even lasts after you have sold the property.

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